'We are in Heaven, with shorties all around'   

Site was last updated: 2/19/2019

Entire herd tested CAE negative 5/03/2017

(of course we cannot test the 2017 kids just born this spring)



*We do not breed or use over height animals. All of our bucks and does are according to breed standard*


***Please also see our newest adventure, The Wether Exchange, in support of the Nepal/USA Goat Project. Each $50 donation to this worthy organization will allow you to pick up 1 free wether. Current wether inventory is 0***


**A new raffle is coming 2019! Come back to check out our fabulous doe kid we are raffling off for a fellow non-profit, Tribute Comfort Dogs, with 90% of the funds going to this wonderful organization, and 10% going to the WCDGA**


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Paradise, TX 76073
ph: 940-231-0075